All our hope is in You, all our hope is in You

Day two of camp has been amazing!  God is most definitely here.  This morning focused around the question, “What are you fixing your eyes on?”  We get so caught up in the visible and tangible world that we completely overlook the spiritual world that is just a s real s the physical one.  If we are fixing our eyes on the things that are visible, then we have lost sight of the things that are important.

This afternoon we had a great time enjoying God’s creation at the beach.  We had a little accident where one of the adult leaders ending up at the hospital getting four stitches in her shin, but I promise that everyone is doing fine, and she will make a complete recovery.  I don’t even think that she will need physical therapy to relearn how to walk. 🙂  The free time outside was cut short by an afternoon thunder storm, but that let us have some great time hanging out at dinnertime getting to know each other a little better.

This evening center on four things that happen when we are in God’s presence.  We looked at Exodus 33:7-16.  In His presence our posture changes, our focus changes, His presence becomes necessary to us, and our faces are changed as a result.  I firmly believe that God is doing something in the hearts of the youth from Westside.  They have all stated that they want to ask God to show them His glory.  I told them all during our church group time this evening that I hoped they are ready to face the consequences of voicing that desire.  I mentioned that I was not discouraging them, but rather trying to help them understand what will follow a request like that.  I read the kids a quote that Louie Giglio said during my youth pastor’s meeting just before the service this evening.  He stated, “I want your students to know that it is okay to let Jesus do something crazy in their lives.  Don’t think that it will be wrong for Jesus to radically change their lives.”  I pray that the kids will understand that.  It is completely  okay for Jesus to radically change them.  He can call them to serve in a currently unknown village in the jungles of Indonesia to be the first person to reach a people group for the name of Christ, or He may call them to serve in their neighborhood by helping cut the grass of an elderly person down the road.  GOD CAN DO AMAZING THINGS! Especially when we are willing to give up our plans for life, and follow hard after the Lord.

Everyone is doing great, and please know that God is doing a mighty work in our lives.