What’s not to love about You, Heaven and earth adore You…

Well we made it to camp!  We are in Daytona in our hotel, which is very nice might I add, and we have finished day one of camp.  We had a great trip down here today.  The first main group session was amazing.  God has already made His presence known.  The Holy Spirit of God was in the room with us this evening.  As worship began this evening I knew that God was there.  To me there is no sound like that of the people of God joining their voices together to sing praise to Him, and 7000 people joining their voices together is a great sound.  Chris Tomlin led us in worship in the way that he always does.  He lets God use his voice and his guitar to speak to those who are present.  God moved during that time.  We could have left after the singing portion of worship and my spiritual tank would have been full.  However, Louie Giglio spoke following Chris, and God moved again.  He spoke of the fact that God’s presence is always before us, but so often we overlook it because it is not visibly tangible to us.  We must find the way to access it and then begin to try to understand the incomparable power of God’s presence.  I followed this in our church group time by asking the kids, “What did you expect God to do this week?”  I told them that I did not want a “Sunday school” answer.  I wanted them to be as honest as they possible could.  The discussion that ensued addressed the fact that so often our expectations of God are so limited that we miss what He could truly do.  We have to expand our expectations of what God can do when we offer ourselves as vessels for His use.  So day one is over, and day two has really already begun.  I will write tomorrow to let you all know the progress.

I also wanted to let everyone know that if you leave comments for your children or the youth from the church I will do me best to pass the messages along to the kids.  Good night, everyone!

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