Back in the saddle again…

I am back in class for the first time since the beginning of May.  I feel like it has been forever since I did any school work.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive.  Youth camp did not kill me.  These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind.  With camp and VBS being back to back I am drained of energy right now.  Now I am in class, and it is tough to stay awake.  I love seminary classes, but I am just so tired right now.  I will let you know how the week goes.

This week is also very exciting for me.  Thursday is Kim’s and my fourth anniversary, Saturday AM kim is graduating from Georgia Tech, and Saturday PM my college roommate is getting married in NC.  It will be a busy week, but a very rewarding week.  I am also very excited about the fact that kim and I have felt led of God to sponser a child through Compassion International.  Through a great amount of prayer God has introduced us to a five year old little girl from Uganda named Lunkuse.  I know that God has placed a love in our hearts for her and her family.  I cannot wait to learn more about her and tell her about us.  I am really looking forward to being a part of helping Lunkuse and her family come to know Jesus.

I hope that everyone has a great rest of the day, and I will check in later on this week.


I think about you in the summertime, oooohhhh…

I understand that it has been over a week since I last checked in with my two or three followers, but it was a busy week last week.  I was working like a Hebrew slave to get things done for the final week of school, and I did get done.  I am now officially done with school until the last week of July.  It feels so nice to know that I will have a day off during the week for a little while.  I know that there are plenty of other things that I need to do, but I am glad that I will have the extra time to work on them now.  I would never again do it nor would I recommend that anyone put themselves through a semester like I have just finished.  You have to understand that as an extension center student of NOBTS 9 credit hours is considered a full load.  However, I took on a semester of heroic proportions and took 23 credit hours this time around.  Yes, I do agree that it is absolutely crazy, but it was something that had to be done.  I hated taking time away from my family and from other things that needed my attention, but I am glad that I did it so that I can coast into graduation next Spring.

My attention is now turned to the youth summer calendar.  I want to make sure that they have the opportunity to have a great time this Summer while being encountered by God as well.  Pray that I can plan activities that they want to attend.  Also pray that they will attend activities that they have said they want to do.  I simply do not understand why the kids will be so excited about wanting to do things that they tell me about, but when I plan them activity no one shows up.

I am excited about this summer as well because S will be here.  It is coming up so soon.  Kim is so ready to have this baby, and I am ready to meet the little girl too.  I cannot wait to see S and AG together.  They are going to be so cute.  Sure I understand that there will probably be some jealousy at the beginning, but I think that AG will enjoy her new little sister.

I know this has become a long blog.  My bad!  I hope that everyone has a great day, and enjoy life a little.

It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day!

Yeah the sun has finally come out in the Atlanta metro area.  It is supposed to be really windy today though, but that is okay cause I like the wind.  I love days like this.  It is Friday, so the weekend starts this afternoon.  I really don’t have anything to do work wise today.  I have a very small two page paper to write for school and I need to take an online quiz.  Other than that, though, I am a man with nothing to do today.  I will knock those two assignments out this morning, and I will have the rest of the weekend to spend with the family.  I love weekends like that.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day, so maybe Kim and I can take AG to feed some ducks or something.  That would be really fun I think.

I am excited about tonight.  We are having company over for dinner.  We really like the Gwaltneys.  They are super nice people and good friends.  I am also excited about what we are having for dinner.  Kim is making baked ziti.  YUM!  I like her baked ziti.  It is all cheesy and sausagey and everything.  I am looking forward to it.

I also wanted to just say how much I love my daughter.  Last night I went to put her in her bed, and she said, “I wanna rock.”  We have a glider rocking chair in her room, so I sat down with her in my lap for a few minutes.  She just lays her head on my chest and gets into sleepy mode.  I sang a couple of songs to her, and then I asked if she was ready to lay down in her bed.  She said, “Yes.”  As I was walking out of the room she said, “Night night daddy.”  I love that!  Then if that was not enough, this morning she woke me up with a kiss.  She is so precious.  I am a very blessed man.  God has given me so much to be thankful for.  I have a gorgeous wife, a wonderful daughter, a great job, and an awesome home to live in.  God is so good to me.

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I get down, but He lifts me up.

I have to admit that the first three months of this year have been very hectic, and it really won’t get any better until after May 11th.  I am right in the middle of what is possibly the most crazy semester of school that I have ever taken in my life.  No, it is most definitely the craziest semester of my life.  I would not recommend that anyone ever take 23 credit hours in one semester.  It has been crazy.  I mean  I am making it through, but it has been an outrageous amount of work.  I have to keep a tight schedule every week in order to get all of my schoolwork and church work done.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by it all, but God is helping me through.  The great thing about it all is that I only have like 15 credit hours left to take after this semester.  It will be a little bit easier as I get closer to graduation.  I am glad that this semester is getting close to being over.  Sometimes it seems like there is no way that I can get everything done, but then God give me the strength to push through.  He is always faithful to give me the exact energy that I need to get done what needs to get done.

I am really liking this new study that we are doing with the youth.  Francis Chan asks questions that really make you think, but in a way that help you to grow in your walk with God.  I am looking forward to this evening.  We will be talking about how short life is, and we must make the most of our time here on earth.  God has given us a mission, and we must work on it with all of our might in the time that we have.  Pray that the youth will be talkative tonight.  The discussion is so much better when they want to talk about stuff.

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