We hurts with those who are hurting

So all this week we have been trying to get our oldest daughter, AG, to feel better.  She has the flu, unfortunately.  No, it isn’t H1N1 or anything, but it is the flu none the less.  I absolutely hate seeing her in pain and not feeling well.  This has been going on since Friday evening.  As I sit and watch her either sleep peacefully or watch TV while she is awake, I cannot help but think of the way that God the Father watches us.  I know that it may seem like a stretch to some people, but my relationship with AG is a reflection of God the Father’s relationship to me.  I know that the Bible says that God hurts with us in our suffering.  I hurt with AG as she has been going through the flu.  I wonder how incredibly more upset God is as he sees us suffering in the world be it through our own miscues or be it because of something else in this sinful world.  I just know that, as a father, I simply cannot stand it to see my little girl hurting, and I also know that my love and concern for AG is dwarfed by the love that God the Father has for me.  Therefore, I know that God is concerned with the suffering that we experience while here on earth.

However, I also know that God’s grace is made new every morning.  We can rest assured in the fact that God is still in control, and He is still on His throne.  Just as our spiritual strength is renewed every morning by God’s grace, I pray that the morning will bring renewed strength and wellness for little AG.

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Ever faithful, ever true, You I know You never let go

I just wanted to take the opportunity tonight to say a few things about our Lord.  He is so stinking cool!  He loves us more than we could ever know, more than we could ever even fathom.  Even when a person may hate God with everything that is inside him, God loves that person completely with a love that can break through the hate.  I am so thankful that God and I collided nearly 15 years ago.  Little did I know that journey that He had in store for me.  I would never had imagined at that point in my life that at the age of 24 I would be married to a gorgeous woman, have the cutest little girl in the world, and be a staff member at a church in Mableton, GA.  God has plans for you and I that will blow your mind.  I love the words to the song by David Crowder Band called “A Beautiful Collision.”  You should read them:

The heart breaking makes a sound
I never knew could be
So beautiful and loud
Fury filled and we collide

So courageous until now
Fumbling and scared
So afraid You’ll find me out,
Alone here with my doubt

Here it comes, a beautiful collision
Is happening now.
There seems no end to where You begin and there I am now
You and I collide

Something circling inside,
Spaciously you fly
Infinite and wide,
Like the moon and sky

Here it comes, a beautiful collision
Is happening now.
There seems no end to where you begin and there I am now
You and I, collide

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Here it comes, Here it comes, Here it comes now
Here it comes, Here it comes, Here it comes now
Here it comes, Here it comes, Here it comes now
Here it comes, Here it comes now (You and I)
Here it comes, Here it comes now (You and I)
Here it comes, Here it comes, Here it comes now
Feel it coming on, Feel it coming on now, Here it comes now
Here it comes, Here it comes, Here it comes now

I just love those lyrics.  It is so true how we collide with God at the most seemingly inopportune times for us, but in all actuality it is the most perfectly ordained time.  God reaches into our lives at the exact moment that things seem completely lost to this world and its whims, but He knew that we had to be brought to that point in order to have the humility to rely fully on Him.  God is not going to force us to love Him, but He sure knows great ways to lead us to that point.  Not that He is spiteful or coercive, but that He knows what must be done in order to get our attentions, and at that point we have no where else to turn but to the one who created us.  What a great place to turn.  We think that we have everything in control, but it is truly quite to the contrary, and yet God has the grace enough to let us come to that realization and give us a second chance.

We had such a great worship experience last night.  I think that it was exactly what Kim and I needed considering the past week that we have had.  I cannot give details, but just trust me that it was difficult.  I love that God works things together for good for those who love Him.  It was awesome that God gave us a time to just pour out our hearts to Him, and be refilled with His unfailing love.  We were guest worship leaders at a reconnect weekend at our home church in Powder Springs.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I needed a time of worship with other believers where I was not the one ultimately responsible for leading the congregation.  (I know that it sounds crazy, but the is a huge difference between worshiping as a lead worshiper and worshiping as a member of the congregation.)  I love those times when you know that God is there.  I mean, I know that He is there with us whenever we meet, but you know what I mean when I say that God just filled up the room.  He was all over the place in that sanctuary.  It was a great time with old friends and family.  Then follow that with a great worship service this morning at Westside.  We debuted our new praise team this morning.  It was so encouraging to see our people worshiping in a fresh and renewed way.  People were excited to be there and singing.  I love it, as a lead worshiper, when you see people really getting it and connecting with God during a service.  It was cool though.  I think that the praise team is going to be a wonderful addition to our worship services at the church. 

So I just needed to say that.  I truly hope that this blog touches the lives of those who read it.  If even one was directed toward the cross throught this blog, my ramblings are more than worth the time it takes to create them.  I leave you with the words to the chorus to the song “Surely We Can Change”:

When all the love in the world Is right here among us And hatred too
And so we must choose What our hands will do

Where there is pain Let us bring grace
Where there is suffering Bring serenity
For those afraid Let us be brave
Where there is misery Let us bring them relief
And surely we can change Surely we can change
Oh surely we can change Something

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