We hurts with those who are hurting

So all this week we have been trying to get our oldest daughter, AG, to feel better.  She has the flu, unfortunately.  No, it isn’t H1N1 or anything, but it is the flu none the less.  I absolutely hate seeing her in pain and not feeling well.  This has been going on since Friday evening.  As I sit and watch her either sleep peacefully or watch TV while she is awake, I cannot help but think of the way that God the Father watches us.  I know that it may seem like a stretch to some people, but my relationship with AG is a reflection of God the Father’s relationship to me.  I know that the Bible says that God hurts with us in our suffering.  I hurt with AG as she has been going through the flu.  I wonder how incredibly more upset God is as he sees us suffering in the world be it through our own miscues or be it because of something else in this sinful world.  I just know that, as a father, I simply cannot stand it to see my little girl hurting, and I also know that my love and concern for AG is dwarfed by the love that God the Father has for me.  Therefore, I know that God is concerned with the suffering that we experience while here on earth.

However, I also know that God’s grace is made new every morning.  We can rest assured in the fact that God is still in control, and He is still on His throne.  Just as our spiritual strength is renewed every morning by God’s grace, I pray that the morning will bring renewed strength and wellness for little AG.

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Love is here. Love is now. Love is flowing from his hands from his brow.

Love is here.  Jesus is always knocking at the door and asking for you to let him in to eat with you and develop a relationship with you.  That is a great song lyric.  Tenth Avenue North is a great band, and their music is awesome.  I suggest that everyone go out and get their album.

So I sort of feel bad.  I don’t really have anything to talk about today.  Kim, AG, and I had a pretty good day yesterday.  I always like getting to spend the whole day with the family.  I am getting really excited about the arrival of our new little girl.  I cannot wait to meet her and see what she looks like.  I hope that everyone has a great day.

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This is the night. Such a beautiful night, and they call it bella noche.

I am so stoked that I get to take my wife out on a date tonight.  I mean it, a real date.  I love taking her out on the town with just me and her.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love AG and S, but when they are grown and gone it will only be me and Kim.  Therefore, I can’t neglect my relationship with her for the sake of the children.  I love Kim so much.  She is such a great wife and mother.  I wish that every man could have a wife as great as Kim.  She is a wonderful friend, she is compassionate toward me and the girls, and she smells pretty too.  🙂  We are going to eat dinner at Red Lobster. (Don’t worry we have gift certificates, so it will be free for us.)  After dinner we are going to go see a movie. (Again we have gift certificates, so free for us. YEA!) We have not completely decided what we are going to see yet.  She voted for “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” and I voted for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”  I think that I may be swaying her over to my side though.  I guess that her movie would be kinda funny, but mine sounds awesome.  I say all of this to simply exclaim that I am so excited about getting to spen some quality time with my wife.  I love her more than any words could ever express, and she is so much fun to be around.  I am so grateful that God has placed her and I together for the time that we are here on earth.

I’ve fallen for you hard and I can’t stop. I won’t deny it.

Okay so I understand that I did not even make it one day before I failed at my pact to blog everyday, but give me a break I am a busy man.

We started the Crazy Love study last night with the youth.  I think that it is going to be a great community building study for the group.  I think that Francis Chan explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand, and the youth seem to like the way he teaches.  I also love that it is a study that does not have like 45 minute videos to watch.  None of the videos are longer than 10 minutes, and they really spur on the discussion with the kids.  I think that they and I will learn a lot during this study.  The first lesson was about our prayer lives.  We pray as if it is just some thing we do so that we can say we did it, but God deserves so much more than that.  I know that I am guilty of simply praying a generic prayer on many occasions, but Francis Chan challenges the group to try to picture Jesus and the throne room of God each time before you pray.  It will drastically change the way you pray.  You cannot picture that scene and then pray a generic uninspired prayer.  It is impossible.

This morning I spoke at chapel for CCA middle school.  It went great.  The kids really seemed to connect with what I was talking about.  The title of the talk was “The Truth about Temptation.”  I talked to them about how we are living in a spiritual battle field everyday, we have an enemy whose name is Satan, and Satan cloaks his attacks in deception.  I used the illustration of a tackle box and lures for how crafty Satan is with his attacks.  They really seemed to get the understanding of what God was using me to say.  I ending by telling them that the only way for us to combat the attacks of Satan is with truth.  John 14:6 is where Jesus says that He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Therefore we need to have Jesus in our hearts in order to fight back against Satan, because there is no way that we can do it on our own.

I hope that everyone has a great day.  Remember that Jesus is madly in love with you, and He wants to have a relationship with you.  Let that sink into your mind today as you go about your business.