We hurts with those who are hurting

So all this week we have been trying to get our oldest daughter, AG, to feel better.  She has the flu, unfortunately.  No, it isn’t H1N1 or anything, but it is the flu none the less.  I absolutely hate seeing her in pain and not feeling well.  This has been going on since Friday evening.  As I sit and watch her either sleep peacefully or watch TV while she is awake, I cannot help but think of the way that God the Father watches us.  I know that it may seem like a stretch to some people, but my relationship with AG is a reflection of God the Father’s relationship to me.  I know that the Bible says that God hurts with us in our suffering.  I hurt with AG as she has been going through the flu.  I wonder how incredibly more upset God is as he sees us suffering in the world be it through our own miscues or be it because of something else in this sinful world.  I just know that, as a father, I simply cannot stand it to see my little girl hurting, and I also know that my love and concern for AG is dwarfed by the love that God the Father has for me.  Therefore, I know that God is concerned with the suffering that we experience while here on earth.

However, I also know that God’s grace is made new every morning.  We can rest assured in the fact that God is still in control, and He is still on His throne.  Just as our spiritual strength is renewed every morning by God’s grace, I pray that the morning will bring renewed strength and wellness for little AG.

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Halleluiah! Thank you Jesus. Lord you are worthy of all the glory…

I love the Lord!  Jesus is so good to me in so many ways.  I complain about a lot of stuff, but I really don’t need to do that because God has blessed me so very much.  I have everything to be thankful for.

I have a question that I want to propose to those who read this blog.  I have been thinking a lot lately about grace.  I am truly not worthy of what God gives me, on my own.  However, in Christ I can approach the throne with confidence.  I was wondering what others think about grace.  The concept, the thought, the idea.  I have always thought of grace as God given us what we don’t deserve, but I wonder if others feel the same way.  I was really hoping to start some good discussion with this idea.  Let me know what you think and how you feel.

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