You are holy, great and mighty. The moon and the stars declare who You are.

Have you ever thought about the fact that worship is not about us?  It really isn’t, you know?  It has everything to do with God.  We are pouring out ourselves so that we can be filled with Him.  Our worship is a response to all of the things that God has done for us.  When we weigh out all of the things that He has done for us, we truly have no other response than a genuine, biblical worship that involves thanksgiving, praise, and adoration.  I wonder if any of you have taken to time to think about what we are actually doing when we worship.  Worship should be an engagement between mankind and God, between the finite and the infinite, between humanity and deity.  It is an opportunity for us, as humans, to thank Jesus, as God, for the many things that He has done for us.  There are no rituals that must be performed or special words that must be said, only there must be a heart willing to connect with the eternal greatness of the Creator.  Think about that this week as we are inching ever closer to Christmas.  It is the point where the eternal God intersected with temporary humanity in order that we may have life.

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I can see clearly now the rain is gone…

I just wanted to let everyone know that the LASIK surgery went amazingly well. It was the weirdest procedure that I have ever been through, but it has had amazing effects already. It is so awesome to waje up and just be able to see. I don’t have to reach for my glasses or anything like that anymore. The other thing is that the improvement is basically instantaneous. It was just really cool. I would highly recommend it to anyone thta is teetering on the thought of having it done. You will not regret it at all. It is a little bit annoying for the first few days, because it feels like there is something in your eye and you cannot rub it. However, it is very much worth the slight frustration. I have enjoyed the first three days after surgery, and I understand that it will only get better.
This week holds a lot of fun things just like last week did. It starts today at lunch with our church staff Christmas luncheon, and tomorrow night is our youth group Christmas party, and we are going to have a fabulous time. Christmas for my family starts this Saturday with a trip to Kim’s grandpa’s house in the morning and my Dad’s side of the family Christmas party in the evening. The week is capped off with our Christmas Worship Service this Sunday night. It is going to be a great week. I will let everyone know how everything goes as it occurs. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season.

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