Who Knows Where We’ll Go From Here

So I can’t really sleep right now for some reason. That stinks, but what are you going to do. I was just thinking about something that my wife said as a comment on my blog from the other day. It was random, but it got me thinking. She suggested that her and I start doing a blog together. I personally think that it is a great idea, so look for a link to it soon. But more so than that, the next thing she said is what got me thinking. She suggested that we do a blog together, because we might be more productive in writing if we work together. Okay follow me here. I think that it is such a perfect way to look at marriage initially and ultimately the Christian life. Of course, Kim and I are more productive when we work together, but I think that we are also more creative when we work together as well. This makes for great innovation in the way we parent the girls, and it makes for less dull time in our relationship as well. The work for the Kingdom of God would benefit greatly if we could follow this simple way of living. If we work together, serve together, and love God together we can accomplish so much more for Him. The Lone Ranger mentality truly has no place in the realm of Christianity. However, it has come to the point now where pastors and lay people alike feel they have to one up each other in order to get people to “their” church. Seriously?! I am pretty sure that is not what God had in mind when Jesus gave the Great Commission. Why does it matter if people you meet and serve in your community go to specifically your church. Just the fact that they enter any church, so long as it is a Bible believing, God serving church, is a good thing. So much cooperative community outreach ministry is hindered by the fact that each of the churches involved is too concerned with who will get the prospects from the event.

I did not mean to go on a rant, but I think that it is unhealthy, and unbiblical for that matter, for each of us to think that we have the corner on the outreach ministry market. Think of what we could do if we were willing to put aside the idea of growing “our” church and focused on growing His kingdom. This is the point that I currently find the American church, and I think these are questions that must be answered if we desire to continue to be relevant in the world.

Be encouraged to make alliances with other Christians in your community, and infiltrate your city with the love of Christ.

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Son of God shaper of the stars, You alone the dweller of my heart…

It has been a while since I blogged, but it is not like I haven’t been busy the past two weeks.  Sophie is now two weeks old, and she is doing great.  Anna Grace has really taken to her, and I think that she loves her new little sister.  AG is really protective of her.  It is sweet.  Kim is doing great as well.  She looks fabulous, and is starting to get into the groove of taking care of two little girls now.  I help as much as I can.  There is no way that this could be done without a team effort.  I cannot stand to hear about the stories of fathers simply shucking the task of helping raise little kids.  I want to be as much a part of their lives as I possibly can be.  I have fallen head over heals in love with these two little girls in my house, and I love getting to see them grow and develop.

I am also really happy with the way that the summer has begun for the youth group here at Westside.  Things seem to be going really well.  We have so much stuff planned to do this summer, and I really think that camp is going to be an awesome time for everyone that is going.  I am looking forward to it with great expectations for what God is going to do.

Well that is pretty much all for today.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful day, and I promise that it will not be nearly as long until I blog again.

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Right now, this is a moment made for worshiping…

So little did I know when I wrote my blog yesterday that I would be meeting my new daughter today.  Sophie was born this morning at 10:21 AM.  She weighed 8lbs. 9oz., and was 20 in. long.  She has a head full of jet black hair.  It has been a whirlwind of a day though.  We arrived at the hospital last early this morning around 1:30AM.  We walked around the halls from 2:15 until 3:15, and then we were admitted into the hospital around 4:00AM.  They broke Kim’s water at 5:30, and Kim started pushing about 9:50.  Sophie was here a mere 30 minutes later.

It is truly a moment made for worshiping when a new life comes into the world.  It is simply amazing that God orchestrates this entire miracle that takes place in a woman’s body.  I was singing that song by Steven Curtis Chapman as Sophie was delivered.  It is such an emotional experience as well.  It is, all at once, frightening, awe-inspiring, amazing, exciting, and life changing.  I truly cannot even explain the great honor I feel in knowing that God would trust me to be the father of two stunningly beautiful little girls.  I know that there are going to be times that are tough, but it is going to be an amazing journey along the way.  I will check in soon, but in the meantime here are a couple of pictures.

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I think about you in the summertime, oooohhhh…

I understand that it has been over a week since I last checked in with my two or three followers, but it was a busy week last week.  I was working like a Hebrew slave to get things done for the final week of school, and I did get done.  I am now officially done with school until the last week of July.  It feels so nice to know that I will have a day off during the week for a little while.  I know that there are plenty of other things that I need to do, but I am glad that I will have the extra time to work on them now.  I would never again do it nor would I recommend that anyone put themselves through a semester like I have just finished.  You have to understand that as an extension center student of NOBTS 9 credit hours is considered a full load.  However, I took on a semester of heroic proportions and took 23 credit hours this time around.  Yes, I do agree that it is absolutely crazy, but it was something that had to be done.  I hated taking time away from my family and from other things that needed my attention, but I am glad that I did it so that I can coast into graduation next Spring.

My attention is now turned to the youth summer calendar.  I want to make sure that they have the opportunity to have a great time this Summer while being encountered by God as well.  Pray that I can plan activities that they want to attend.  Also pray that they will attend activities that they have said they want to do.  I simply do not understand why the kids will be so excited about wanting to do things that they tell me about, but when I plan them activity no one shows up.

I am excited about this summer as well because S will be here.  It is coming up so soon.  Kim is so ready to have this baby, and I am ready to meet the little girl too.  I cannot wait to see S and AG together.  They are going to be so cute.  Sure I understand that there will probably be some jealousy at the beginning, but I think that AG will enjoy her new little sister.

I know this has become a long blog.  My bad!  I hope that everyone has a great day, and enjoy life a little.

I can’t wait to get on the road again…

I am back at the church.  It was a nice week last week being down in NO, and I get to go back in less than a month for another class.  It will be nice when I go back though, because Kim and AG are going with me.  It will be Kim’s first time in NO, and I am excited to show her a few things.  I love getting to be away from the office for a week, but there is always so much to do when I come back.  I have to sort through all of the mail I got, check emails, return emails, return phone calls, and many other things.  I am trying really hard to get back into the swing of things quickly.

I don’t really have much going on to talk about.  I have made a decision to try to blog every day from now on.  Of course things will come up I know, but for the most part I will try to at least check in every day.  I am excited about the new study that we are starting tomorrow night with the youth.  We are going to go through Francis Chan’s study that follows his book Crazy Love.  If you have not read that book, you need to very soon.  It is a great book, and it is super easy to read.  It causes you to think about the things that are really important in this life.  We so often get caught up in trying to live the Christian life as if we are lone ranger Christian, but that is most definitely not the way that God told us to do it in the Bible.  We are called to live in community with other believers.  This is what the youth and I will be tackling over the next few weeks.  I really think that they are going to enjoy it.

I guess that is really all for today.  I hope that everyone has a great afternoon.

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