You are holy, great and mighty. The moon and the stars declare who You are.

Have you ever thought about the fact that worship is not about us?  It really isn’t, you know?  It has everything to do with God.  We are pouring out ourselves so that we can be filled with Him.  Our worship is a response to all of the things that God has done for us.  When we weigh out all of the things that He has done for us, we truly have no other response than a genuine, biblical worship that involves thanksgiving, praise, and adoration.  I wonder if any of you have taken to time to think about what we are actually doing when we worship.  Worship should be an engagement between mankind and God, between the finite and the infinite, between humanity and deity.  It is an opportunity for us, as humans, to thank Jesus, as God, for the many things that He has done for us.  There are no rituals that must be performed or special words that must be said, only there must be a heart willing to connect with the eternal greatness of the Creator.  Think about that this week as we are inching ever closer to Christmas.  It is the point where the eternal God intersected with temporary humanity in order that we may have life.

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“Then we will see the glory of the Lord, all eyes will see…”

I have begun reading a book entitled “Engaging With God: A Biblical Theology of Worship” by David Peterson for one of the courses I am taking this semester at seminary.  I have been challenged and uplifted by this book in just the first few chapters.  I love the way that Peterson thinks and articulates his thoughts.  On page 100 he writes, “New-covenant worship is essentially the engagement with God that he has made possible through the revelation of himself in Jesus Christ and the life he has made available through the Holy Spirit.”  I love that thought.  So often we think about what we, as humans, can bring to the table in worship.  However, in all truthfulness worship does not even originate within us.  We worship because God allows us to do so.  We have nothing to offer on our own, and the only way that we ever have anything to offer back to God is because he gave it to us to begin with.  When we come into worship we have nothing of our own to offer back to God, but rather we give back out of the overflow of what God has filled us with.  On page 101 Peterson writes, “God’s presence and God’s glory…are fully and finally experienced in Jesus Christ.”  The Old Testament understanding that the presence and glory of God dwelt only in the tabernacle or temple was done away with in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  As Jesus is revealed to us, the very glory of God is revealed to us as well.  Think, then, of the implications of knowing Christ ever more intimately.  We begin to understand the glory of God more intimately as well.

I can’t wait to get on the road again…

I am back at the church.  It was a nice week last week being down in NO, and I get to go back in less than a month for another class.  It will be nice when I go back though, because Kim and AG are going with me.  It will be Kim’s first time in NO, and I am excited to show her a few things.  I love getting to be away from the office for a week, but there is always so much to do when I come back.  I have to sort through all of the mail I got, check emails, return emails, return phone calls, and many other things.  I am trying really hard to get back into the swing of things quickly.

I don’t really have much going on to talk about.  I have made a decision to try to blog every day from now on.  Of course things will come up I know, but for the most part I will try to at least check in every day.  I am excited about the new study that we are starting tomorrow night with the youth.  We are going to go through Francis Chan’s study that follows his book Crazy Love.  If you have not read that book, you need to very soon.  It is a great book, and it is super easy to read.  It causes you to think about the things that are really important in this life.  We so often get caught up in trying to live the Christian life as if we are lone ranger Christian, but that is most definitely not the way that God told us to do it in the Bible.  We are called to live in community with other believers.  This is what the youth and I will be tackling over the next few weeks.  I really think that they are going to enjoy it.

I guess that is really all for today.  I hope that everyone has a great afternoon.

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