I can have my cake and eat it too

Last night Kim and I decided after eating dinner at home that we wanted to go out and get some dessert.  We decided to go to the Marietta Diner.  The Marietta Diner is an awesome place on Cobb Parkway in Marietta.  They serve just about anything that you could possibly want on their menu.  They have everything from Greek Gyros to turkey and dressing.  They have even been featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri.  However the most awesome thing about the diner is their desserts.  They have an amazing selection to begin with, and one piece of cake there is like three pieces anywhere else.  They are huge.  We decided to get a piece of tiramisu cake and a piece of baklava cheesecake.  The awesome thing is that they also gave us a huge cookie, a piece of key lime pie, and a piece of chocolate cheesecake for free to go with it.  It was really nice of them, and it was all amazingly tasty.  I say all of this to come to the point: The Marietta Diner is an awesome place to go eat, both a meal and dessert.


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