For the rest of my life you won’t have to think twice…

That lyric is in response to my wife’s blog from yesterday.  I love you, Kimmie.  Yes, I do realize that it has been forever since I have blogged, but it has been a busy past few weeks.  I took two classes the first two weeks of January, one week in New Orleans.  Christmas was fun, and my face has healed since The Faceplant of 2008.  Also, in case you have not heard, Kim and I found out that we are having another little girl.  We are so excited about it. 

I just want to say that I love my wife so much.  God uses her in such an amazing way to speak the truth in love.  Her blog from yesterday is really good.  I love that she is so in touch with what God is saying to her and what God is telling others through her.  She is an amazing wife and a wonderful mother.  She is going to love being a stay at home mom come May.  Sure things will be tight financially from time to time, but I believe that God will honor that fact that we want to have her at home to teach our children as He would have them to be taught during their most impressionable years.  I just want to say that I love her very very much.

I have also been very encouraged lately with the youth group at church.  Last Wednesday night we had nine kids at Bible study.  I was blown away.  God always waits until you least expect it to astonish you with His work.  I am so thankful that God is moving in our midst.  We are having a Super Bowl party this Sunday, and 11 youth ar going to be there.  That is really awesome.  Sure we will just be hanging out and having fun, but it is going to be a great relationship building time.  The most amazing thing that God has done lately has to do with youth camp this summer.  Last summer we took 6 kids to Daytona, FL for StudentLife Camp.  I was really happy about that number.  This year there is a possibility that we will be taking 14 kids to camp.  That is more than double what we took last summer!  This is just amazingly exciting for me.  I give every bit of the glory to God.  There is nothing special that I do that brings the kids in.  It is inly by the power of God.  So God is working at Westside Baptist Church.

I hope that everyone is doing well, and I will keep in touch soon.

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