“No wizard that there is or was is ever gonna bring me down…”

OMG!  Wicked was absolutely amazing!  I will admit that when Kim told me that she wanted to go see it, I was more than a bit unexcited, but I was blown away last night.  It is good right from the start.  It is hilarious.  They do a great job of inserting sarcasm at every chance they get.  The costumes and the dance choreography are outstanding.  It is such a cool story also.  It is the story of how the witches of Oz, wicked East or West andgood, all got to be that way.  It was really a great story.  Also can I just say that the Fox Theater is such an awesome venue to see anything.  You just feel so metropolitan when you are in there.  I felt so grown up last night.  I mean who wouldn’t feel that way going to see a Tony and Grammy Award winning Broadway musical all dressed up and everything.  It was really cool.  And then there is the soundtrack.  It is, in one word…scrumtralescent!  I will definitely be purchasing a copy of it very soon.  Seriously, every song that they sang as a part of the show was good, and you want to talk about a girl having a set of pipes.  Yeah, well this show had two of them.  I know, ridiculous.  I was in heaven with the music.  I highly recommend that, if you get the chance, you go see Wicked.  It might even possibly change your life.  Oh and I need to give props to Kim for getting us amazing seats.  We were like three quarters of the way back dead center stage right in the middle of the row.  Yeah I know…amazing.  I love you Kim.  So I guess you could say that the musical way OK as far as fabulously and amazingly great musicals go.  I really enjoyed it.  Every bit of it was awesome, and it was nice to have a night on the town with my gorgeous wife! 

Also I would like to wish my younger brother a very happy 23rd birthday today!  I hope that you have a great one bro.

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  1. You’re hooked now…she’s gonna drag you to every musical she can. But that’s a good thing because they take you out of your everyday life and for a few hours you feel like you’re someone and somewhere else.

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