I hide my eyes with my face to the ground in the presence of your majesty

I do not really have a lot to say today.  I am in a bit of a funk today as well.  I am so stinkin ready to move into my new office here at the church, but it looks like it is going to be at least one more day.  (Stink bottom)  I just really want to finally have a place to call my own here at the church, and a place where I can have a little bit of privacy.  I mean the way it is right now, everything that I say to someone on the phone or anyone that comes in to see me is right out there in the open for everyone to hear.  Not that I am saying things that are bad or super confidential, but it would be nice to not have certain people listening to everything that I say.  Also it would be nice to have a place where I can close the door and practice songs for the coming Sunday or listen to a new song without bothering everyone else.  I am just ready to move in.

Other than that, I am really looking forward to spending time with Kim later this week.  We are going to have a full day of just me and Kimmie time.  I am really excited about it.  I hope that you guys are having a great day, and enjoy life.  It is more fun that day.

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  1. I’m sorry you aren’t having a terrific day. Just think at least you don’t get shot with a needle like me!

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