Sing, sing, sing and make music with the heavens…

I love that song!  I think that I am going to teach it to the congregation very soon.  Again I must give my apologies for not bloggin more frequently.  I am simply a very busy man, and blogging gets pushed to the back burner.  That being said, I do have a few thoughts.  I received my copy of the new Chris Tomlin cd in the mail on Friday.  I know a full four days before it comes out in a retail setting!  I was super stoked.  Let me just say that the album is AWESOME!  Chris has a gift of listening to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit in his heart and putting pen to paper in a way that glorifies the Lord magnificently.  If you do not already own a copy of “Hello Love,” you must stop what you are doing at this very moment and go buy a copy.  It is full of songs that the church will be singing for the next few years. 

I am also very excited about this week.  I officially get my own office this week.  Thursday is the big day, and I am looking forward to it with great anticipation.  I will feel like such a big boy with an office all to myself.  I think that it will be cool.  I will be able to practice songs and stuff like that without bothering everyone else in the main office where I currently have a cubbie.  I think that it is going to be fun.

Finally, I would like to give my thoughts on John McCain’s choice for his running mate.  I think that Sarah Palin is a great choice.  She is very conservative.  I like this because we will more than likely agree on many issues.  She is a mother of five who lives in Alaska, so you know that she is hard core to the Nth degree.  She will help bring the female population vote to McCain’s side of things, and she was a total surprise.  That is always a good thing.  Also let me add that I think that it is retarded how the media is making a huge deal about Palin’s 17 year old daughter being pregnant out of wed-lock.  I do not by any means approve of Bristol’s actions that got her to her current situation, but at least she is taking responsability for her actions and she is going to try to marry the father.  Yes she made a stupid mistake, and she should have to face the consequences, but the media has no right the drag her through the mud in order to make a story out of it and try to paint a soiled picture of Sarah and how she is a terrible mother.  I just think that the media needs to mind their own business.  I must also give credit to Barack Obama for taking the high road and saying that families should be totally off limits durning a campaign.

So those are my thoughts for the day, and I hope that they made you think and wonder about the world.

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  1. because of my individual connection with god i know women and men had been created similarly but a single query i could
    never locate the solution to is why there are far more males functioning as medical doctors, engineers and experts?
    the ratio men:ladies is about ninety nine:1 which can be
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