It was the mash…it was the monster mash!

I guess what they say about full moons and everything is true.  Things are kinda crazy today.  First off this morning I get almost all the way to work and realize that I left my briefcase with my computer and all of my papers at the house.  I had to drive all the way back home and get it before I could come to work.  That made the start to the work day much later than usual.  But I did get to listen to Neal Boortz for a much longer time than normal.  Secondly, there is this whole thing with some people in North Georgia that say that they have found a Bigfoot body out in the woods.  They are having a news conference today to present the scientific findings on the carcass.  That is some crazy stuff. I mean what if they really have a Bigfoot on there hands, that would be outrageous.  I think of the doors that it opens.  It means that we need to go fish Nessie out of the Loch, chupacabras are really sucking the blood out of goats in rural places, and aliens are taking people into space ships on a weekly basis.  What is this world coming to.  I know that I sound completely cynical right now, but what does it mean if there are other things out there that we don’t know about.  I’ll tell you exactly what it means.  It means that we don’t know everything.  What a profound conclusion!  It is so counter-cultural to think that humans do not know everything about everything, but I know that it is true.  We simply don’t know as much about life and this world as we think that we do.  I just wanted to get that off of my chest today.  I hope that you have a great weekend.  I have a busy one ahead of me.

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