Great Birthday Bash!

So my daughter’s first birthday was so much fun.  We started the day by taking her to the park to feed the ducks and swing for a little bit.  She absolutley loved it.  She thought that it was great when all of the ducks came around us as we fed them.  She kept pointing to the ducks and saying, “duck, duck, duck.”  It was precious.  She was not quite as fond of the swinging.  She did not like swinging by herself, but when either Kim or I held her in the big swing she was fine.  Kim took her down the biggest slide I had seen  in quite a while.  She liked that too.  The two parties when off without a hitch.  She tore into her cakes both times and she got some great presents.  It was so much fun to watch her react to everything that was going on during the day.  She seemed like she really enjoyed all that went on.  I know everyone that came to the parties had a good time.  I hate it that Kim’s mom could not be there.  I know that she wanted to so bad, but it is kinda hard to get to Dallas, GA from Freeport, IL for a birthday party.  I am making her a copy of the whole day though.  Everything we have filmed and all of the pictures.  I know that she will enjoy that.  I am really excited about going up to visit them in August.  Overall, the day was so much fun, and Anna Grace had a great first birthday.

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