A true dad/adult moment

Yeah so you know when you have those moments when you realize something that your parents said is actually true…well this past week has been a week full of moments like that.  This Saturday is my daughter’s first birthday. (I know, I cannot believe it either)  This past year has truly flown by.  Do you remember grown-ups talking about how you blink and they’re gone?  It is completely true.  I cannot help but get a little teary eyed just writing about it.  My little baby girl is already one year old.  It is so amazing to see her grow and develop.  The coolest is watching her when she does not know that you are looking, and you can see her concentrating on something so intently.  Then she realizes that you are watching and she turns and gives you that big smile.  Oh my gosh, it melts my heart.  And on top of it all she decided that this week would be the one that she would begin training for running the Boston Marathon.  Not really, but she is walking now like she has been doing it for years.  Of course she still crawls a lot too, but the walking thing was just all of a sudden.  I am technically SuperDad now.  How awesome is it that I just so happened to have the camcorder running when Anna Grace took her first real steps down the front hall at the house?  Yeah I know.  You can go ahead and say how cool and awesome I am.  Kim and I are so excited for our little girl to be walking, but it just seems to have come so soon.  It has, however, had unintended consequences.  You see now when we tell her to drop something or to not touch something, she just turns around and walks away.  The first time that happened was when i understood why my mom and dad wanted to “pinch my little head off” from time to time.  Obviously I would not really do that, but it is somewhat infuriating.  Everything is falling into place for the first birthday extravaganza this weekend though.  It is going to be loads of fun, and I cannot wait.  Things are still going great with the new car.  We love it and it drives so smooth. I guess that is enough rambling from me.  I will try not to be so long in between posts this next time.  Talk to y’all later.

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  1. hahaha Superdad. You make me laugh and I’m so glad you are calm about this weekend because I’m a bundle of nerves. I just want the house to look decent and everyone to be happy.

  2. Well you know what “they” say about payback.

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