Hello World!

Yeah so this is my very first blog post.  I am new at the whole thing, but it should be fun.  I hope that this blog will be a source of encouragement to many people.  I am a Baptist youth/music minister in the Atlanta Metro Area, and my desire for this blog is to keep people informed of of what is going on in my life.  At times it will be very funny, at times it will be not so funny, and at times it will be inspiring (I hope).  So check back often.  I will try my best to blog daily, but I can’t make promises.  I hope that you enjoy ready about me and my life.

So for today. Last night my wife and I went to a Honda dealership to try to buy a car.  We are in the market for a new CR-V.  We really like them and we are at a point in our family where the two-door Civic is just not practical.  My main question is this: Why do car saleman insist on treating every person that comes into the dealership like they are completely retarded?  I mean I was not born yesterday, and I have done some research on what I should be paying for this car and what I should be getting for my trade-in.  I request that people in the car sales business start giving people that come in to buy a car a little more credit than what they currently get.  We do have the Internet.  Just a little courtesy would be nice.  Oh yeah and the guy who was the sales manager at this place was such a jerk.  He was really snotty about everything.  We were trying to be calm and deal with the man, and he wanted to get all pompous about everything.  He acted like how dare we come in and expect to get that price.  Anyway we will not be buying at that location.

So enjoy the blog, and talk to y’all soon.

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  1. Hehe…I’m excited. I will keep checkin’ in! Love ya honey

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